I understand that getting a first tattoo can be an overwhelming process and you may have lots of questions. To make it simple and clear for my clients, I offer free one-on-one consultations where I will explain the process, pricing and answer any other questions.


Scheduling your tattoo appointments will require a £100 deposit for a full day, and £50 for a half day. This deposit will cover everything required to book your appointment, including drawing/design work. A credit equal to the booking fee will be applied to the last session of the tattoo.


For clients traveling, I can arrange long-distance consultations and booking fee payments via email if needed. I will explain the aftercare process with you and provide documentation to ensure you leave prepared. I also have in stock at the shop aftercare creams and products.


Please note I do not tattoo clients under 18 years of age.


To book an appointment please visit here, call into the shop, or email me on:


Q. How much will my tattoo cost?

A. An estimate of the approximate time required and cost for your tattoo will be discussed during your consultation. Size and detail of your tattoo will affect the time taken and cost involved.


Q. How long can I book a session for?

A. I take bookings for half days and full days.


Q. Should I bring anything to my consultation?

A. Bring any photo, references and ideas you may have gathered. We only ask that you be open to interpretation and my professional opinion. I will not directly copy another artist’s work. You will also require your deposit.


Q. Should I bring anything to my tattoo appointment?

A. Food and snacks! It may sound obvious but please make sure you have eaten before your tattoo and have snacks to keep your sugar levels up. Also the remaining balance left of your tattoo (If your deposit is being carried to another appointment please allow for this).


Q. Do you do walk ins?

A. Unfortunately no.


Q. Where are you located?

A. Currently I am located in a private studio in Hereford.


Q. What are your hours?

A. Wednesday - Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm


Q. Do you tattoo all styles?

A. I specialise in black and grey realism, Japanese and portrait work, but I love traditional and colour - I do not do black tribal work, but I can do freehand Polynesian.